An amateur photographer is one who practices photography as a hobby and not for profit. The quality of some amateur work is comparable to that of many professionals and may be highly specialized or eclectic in choice of subjects. Amateur photography is often pre-eminent in photographic subjects which have little prospect of commercial use or reward. Amateur photography grew during the late 19th century due to the popularization of the hand-held camera.

Muhammad Saeed Rao is a Pakistani photographer based in Lahore. A keen traveler to various countries, it is always his own land and culture his camera focuses most passionately. MSR finds his niche in photographing equestrian and other rural sports in various regions of Pakistan and diminshing life styles in remote and less photographed communities of his wonderful country. His work is published at National Geographic Your Shot. MSR has widely exhibited in group shows within his country and abroad.


Cultural & Travelar Photographer


Resume on request